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In a world where Health Care actually means trying to manage a Health Crisis, more people
than ever are searching for a professional to help them personally navigate their health and
nutrition needs. Because most doctors and Health Care workers are overwhelmed from treating
the symptoms of poor health and disease, Health Coaches have become the future of
healthcare. With their focus on understanding and teaching, Health Coaches are able to take
the time with their clients and truly get to know what their clients are needing. They act as a
supportive guide who encourages clients as they begin their unique wellness journey; helping to
light the way through changes in nutritional and movement goals, personal life and lifestyle

What is the difference between a Health Coach and a Dietician or a Nutritionist?
A Dietician or a Nutritionist can devise nutritional guidelines and plans and prescribe
supplements to their clients. A Health Coach focuses on goal-setting by creating a plan of
action, instilling mindfulness, and setting strategies and accountability objectives so that clients
can achieve their personal health goals.

The main difference therefore, is the approach and area of specialty. A Health Coach doesn’t
just focus on diet and nutrition but on a holistic approach to health and wellness. Beyond the
food that goes into your mouth, a Health Coach will assess your well being by looking at other
major factors such as your sleep, relationships, career, stress, creativity, exercise and more. By
gathering all this information, the Health Coach and the client can come up with a plan on what
issues need to be addressed and what habits can be set in place to make the client successful.

So why do you need a Health Coach? Think of a Health Coach as a knowledgeable best friend
who only has your well-being at heart and who will be completely honest with you. There is no
hidden agenda and they are not trying to solve your issues, but instead they are teaching you
how to see things clearly so you can solve them yourself. Being in charge of your own destiny
is very powerful! No one else can be responsible for you but you, yet a Health Coach will
instruct you on how and when to put certain practices and habits into place so that you then
have the tools you need to succeed.

Did you know even Health Coaches have Coaches? I have a Coach, other Coaches I know
have Coaches and my Coach has a Coach. We understand that we can learn more by sharing
what we’ve learned along our own journey; in addition to receiving knowledge and feedback
from others who have had different experiences. Every Coach I have met has the main goal of
doing their absolute best to serve their clients with an open mind and safe space in which to
grow and learn. Who doesn’t need that?

I encourage you to take the next step and reach out to me today. I would love to set up a time
to discuss how I can help you bring more happiness, health and joy to your life!