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With the broad range of people that I support, it is extremely important that I provide the highest quality health coaching and lifestyle solutions. I pride myself in providing healthy, intelligent and actionable programs.

I am 54 years old and began working with Bevann a year ago to improve my overall health. Due to a busy work schedule, I had put on weight, had a cholesterol reading that climbed to 270, and was getting concerned with my overall health.  Bevann took the time to understand my lifestyle and challenges, made recommendations, and empowered me to make several improvements that made a HUGE difference. The result is that I lost 25 pounds, have a cholesterol reading below 200, and am healthier. I have higher energy and am able to be much more active and productive in a demanding job.  Bevann has experience and knowledge, and I enjoyed our sessions and the way she explained how fitness, nutrition, and other aspects of your life all come together. I would strongly recommend the Holistic Balance program to anyone looking to make health improvements in their life!

S Shah

Fortune 500 Executive

“After over a decade working with countless specialists to uncover the complexities of multiple medical conditions, Bevann has provided a unique perspective I desperately needed. While my doctors have seemed to focus primarily on what medications they can prescribe for my various symptoms, Bevann focuses on what changes can be made in my day-to-day life to help diminish the endocrine disruptors in my environment as well as taking a more naturalistic approach to me treatment.

Bevann helps me to feel like I have more control over my situation, regardless of what I am currently struggling to cope with. She is a friend who has helped me dissect some of the scary words and claims my doctors have made and takes the time to research and explain concepts they won’t. Bevann pulls it all together and has come up with creative solutions to help me achieve a level of physical and mental balance and well-being I never would have imagined possible when I first began this journey. I owe her everything.”

– Alexandra Falls