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The Program

The foundation of my Health Coaching program is based on two main platforms: Bio-individuality and the difference between Primary and Secondary Food. Bio-Individuality is the belief that there is no one “perfect diet” or one “right diet” that works for everyone. Even if a person decides that perhaps The Mediterranean Diet, or The Paleo Diet is the one they wish to follow, the specifics may differ from person to person.

My job is to help you explore what works for you and help you learn to read your body’s needs. Your body instinctively knows what works best for you and therefore desires to be in a state of homeostasis- or a stable internal environment. I am going to help you learn to trust what your body is telling you and discover a diet and lifestyle that is unique to you. The great thing about Bio-individuality is that you can’t fail at a diet/lifestyle that you’ve created by taking the time to explore and discover YOU!

The second platform is learning the difference between Primary and Secondary Food. I will provide an understanding that being healthy is not just about the food on your plate; it’s about the water you drink, the air you breathe, the love in your life, the amount you exercise, whether you have a fulfilling career and spiritual practice and so on. Primary food (everything that feeds your soul) and the food you eat (Secondary Food) should be looked at together rather than separately in order to understand what whole-body wellness really means.

So What’s Next?

The program I offer to my clients is drawn up after our first free “get to know you call”. I believe successful Health Coaching is based on establishing a mutually respectful relationship with each other. During our first call I will ask a series of questions about why you want a health coach and what your major goals look like. I hope that you will have many questions for me too! My job as your Health Coach will not be to tell you what to do, but to teach you to be a student and a scientist when it comes to discovering what your body is trying to tell you. Our journey will give you the type of deep understanding and insight that will allow you to finally live your healthiest and truest life.